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Hi Friends!  I often get asked about the many facets of my business.  Many of you know me as a furniture painter or paint retailer.  But the truth is that there is so much more.  I am super passionate about home decor, entertaining, cooking, and creating a beautiful lifestyle.  I have an idea to create a community where people will come together and enjoy life styling tips, cooking tutorials, entertaining ideas and bit of life on our winery property.  I am calling it “Life Styling w/Sue Bargetto”.   To kick start our community, I am looking for some founding members.

My founding members will be so important to me!  You will always receive the founding member pricing (19.95/month) as long as you remain in our community and you will have opportunity to help me develop the content of the group.

Creating a community such as this will be such an amazing experience and a pleasure to share with you.