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Laurel Décor Mould 6x10

Laurel Décor Mould 6x10

Iron Orchid Designs
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She had class. Not the kind you can buy. The kind you are born with. There was a soft kindness about her. I'm certain her words were riveting, they always were. But they floated dreamily above my head. I was too drawn in to the way she played with her pearls, the effortless movement of her mouth ... the sweet tobacco-like fragrance of her tea.

Food Grade Silicone

IOD Décor Moulds™ are a result of collaboration between designer and sculptor. IOD draws inspiration from historic architecture and design and let the influence of modern use render pieces that will be a go-to for creatives in many forms. From furniture designers, to home decor, to sugar arts - there's a reason why IOD Décor Moulds™ are favored across industries. Now even larger, and made from high quality, food grade silicone, these moulds will bring you joy in your creations for years to come. Food grade silicone | Great for mixed media | Jewelry Our moulds are the most beautifully detailed available! Use with a bazillions of mediums from paper clay, cast resin, clay, sugar paste, hot glue, fondant, etc. NOTE: Use separate moulds for your edibles and crafts!